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SNSA Adult League


    Southern Nevada Soccer Association will host the SNSA Adult League Fall 2016 season, with league play starting on Sunday, September 11 and ending on Sunday, November 20.  All league games are played on Sundays at Heritage Park.  We offer Coed 8v8 Open and Coed 5v5 Recreational divisions.  Registration for the Fall 2016 season runs from July 11, 2016 - August 29, 2016.  Teams have the option of paying the team registration fee ($600 covers up to 15 players in 8v8; $550 covers up to 12 players in 5v5) or having each player on the team pay the individual player registration fee of $60.  Players that do not have a team can register online as a pool player, and will not be charged a fee until assigned to a team.  Players must be at least 17 years of age by the first game in order to participate.  Click on the links below to register and for more information about SNSA Adult League's Fall 2016 season.


    Click to register a team or a player for the SNSA adult league Fall 2016 season.

    SNSA Adult League Spring 2016 Season Results

    The Southern Nevada Soccer Association Spring 2016 Adult League season came to an exciting conclusion with the crowning of four playoff champions in the Coed 8v8 and Coed 5v5 divisions on Sunday, May 22 at Heritage Park.  

    In the Coed 8v8 Best of the Best division semifinals, a four team round-robin playoff format was used to determine the champion.  After round one Gator Nation scored 9 points, Shamrock Rovers 8, FC United 2 and Balls & Dolls 1.  Round two concluded with Gator Nation accumulating 18 points, Shamrock Rovers 17, Balls & Dolls 3 and FC United 2.  In the putative championship game in round 3, Gator Nation blanked Shamrock rovers 5-0 to win the Coed 8v8 Best of the Best title.  

    The Coed 8v8 Best of the Rest division featured a classic eight team knockout-round format.  Blast, Storm, Bazinga and AS Monstars advanced from the quarterfinal round to the semifinals.  In the first semifinal, Storm defeated Blast 5-2; in the second semifinal, Bazinga dominated AS Monstars 10-4.  In the final match Storm jumped out to a 4-1 first-half lead and never looked back, defeating Bazinga 9-2 to win the championship.

    A four team round-robin format was also employed in the Coed 5v5 Best of the Best division playoffs.  After round 1, Man Cave United and Part-Time Players were tied with 9 match points; Quagga Muscles scored 3, and Findlay VW 1.  Round two ended with Man Cave and Part-Time tied at 18 cumulative match points; Quagga Muscles tallied 4 points and Findlay VW remained at 1.  Round 3 featured a final match in which Man Cave United got off to a quick start and buried Part-Time players for a 13-3 victory to win the Best of the Best championship.  Quagga Muscles finished third, and Findlay VW fourth.

    The Coed 5v5 Best of the Rest division used a seven team knockout-round format.  Ajax 63, Straight Outta Henderson, 6 Shooters and Booty Kickers emerged from the quarterfinal round to move on to the semifinals.  In the semifinals Ajax 63 defeated Straight Outta Henderson 10-3, and 6 Shooters doubled up Booty Kickers 12-6.  The final match between Ajax 63 and 6 Shooters was tied 3-3 at the half; 6 Shooter scored a female goal late in the second half to win the championship 5-3.

    We would like to thank all of our SNSA Adult League teams for making Spring 2016 such a fun season, and we hope to see all of you back for Fall 2016!

    Click on the link below to view all of the results for the SNSA Adult League Spring 2016 season.