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Referee Information

SNSA Referee Employment Opportunities

SNSA is currently accepting applications for beginning referee candidates for the 2015-2016 soccer year through June 30, 2015.   SNSA is also accepting applications from experienced referees (Grade 8 License or higher).  If you are interested in becoming an SNSA referee, please complete the application below and follow the instructions for submission.  Applicants must be at least 14 years of age by September 30, 2015, and will be notified in July if they have been accepted as referee candidates.  SNSA will host referee classes in August; check the upcoming events calender on this page for the class schedule.


USSF Referee Registration & Recertification

Current SNSA referees are required to recertify annually in order to obtain their referee badge for the current year.  Recertification is done online at the Nevada State Soccer Referee Committee website.  Click on the link below to access links to USSF referee registration and online certification courses and tests.  All SNSA referees are required to have a 2014 USSF referee badge for the Spring 2014 season

SNSA Rule Books

The FIFA 2013-2014 Laws of the Game govern play in all Southern Nevada Soccer Association games.  SNSA uses small-sided play formats in our U5-U6 (3v3), U7-U8 (4v4), U9-U10 (5v5) and U11-U12 (8v8) age divisions, so we have established modified rules that are applicable to each play format.  All referees should review the rule books for each play format to become familiar with the special rules associated with small-sided play.  Click on the image to access the FIFA 2013-2014 Laws of the Game.

SNSA Modified Laws Summary Sheet

SNSA follows the FIFA Laws of the Game;  however, some rules have been modified to accommodate the youth game and smaller play formats.  Click on the link below for a summary of rules modifications for the various play formats.

SNSA's Dual-Referee System Explained

Southern Nevada Soccer Association uses a dual-referee (2-referee) system for our 8v8 format games.  The dual-referee system can be difficult to execute effectively, as both referees have responsibilities to call offsides and outs, and to call fouls and violations.  There is a misconception that in the dual-referee system one referee makes calls on one side of the field, and the other referee makes calls on the other side of the field.  In the dual-system, the referees work together as a team.  The lead referee (referee ahead of the ball) aligns with the second last defender, parallel with the touch line, in order to observe offsides. The trail referee (referee behind the ball) moves with play behind the attack, and pinches toward the center of the field to be in position to call fouls or violations around the ball.  Not only can the trail referee make calls on the attacking side of the field, he should be making those calls!  Referees in the dual system need to coordinate their movements to ensure proper coverage of the field, mirror each other's signals to ensure consistency, and work together as a team to ensure a safe playing environment for all of our players.  Click on the link below for a set of criteria for the dual-referee system.

SNSA Referee Assignor

Margie McKenna

Margie McKenna

Field Operations Coordinator

Upcoming Referee Education

  • Aug
  • 29
Grade 9 Referee Licensing Course
  • Aug
  • 30
Grade 8 Referee Licensing Course


Offsides Rule Explained

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