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Coach Certification & License

Level 1 Clinic

All beginner coaches in the U5-U8 age divisions should attend a Level 1 clinic (Equivalent to USSF Mod 1).  SNSA offers a Level 1 class prior to the beginning of each season.

In most cases, Level 1 attendees are parents who volunteer or are volunteered to act as coaches when their children first start to play soccer. For those parents who have limited or no playing experience, the position of coach understandably can be quite intimidating. The function of the Level 1 course is to help remove some of that fear by providing the information a coach requires to teach the game at this most important level. The course emphasis is on age appropriate training and management of young players. At this early stage of development for both the coach and the player, the players will learn much more about the game itself than from the coach.

Level 2 Clinic

All coaches of teams in the U9-U12 age divisions should attend a Level 2 clinic (Equivalent to USSF Mod 2).  SNSA offers a Level 2 class prior to the beginning of each season.

For all coaches of modified soccer (small-sided games). Course emphasizes basic information related to U9-U12, including warm-up, psychology of these age groups , methods of coaching, team management, prevention and care of injuries, laws of the game.

USSF E License

It is recommended that all coaches of teams in the U11-U14 divisions have a USSF E License.

Emphasis of USSF E course is toward the coaching of players 9 to 12 years old. This, in itself, presents an interesting set of circumstances for the course. The attendees are, at best, partially experienced coaches, yet the coaching of this age group observes the crossover of coaching modified 5v5 to the more advanced 8v8. Players of this age group are developing their technique and also beginning to understand the principles of play. The course addresses the above and provides elementary information on the management and preparation of a team.

USSF D License

All coaches of competitive league teams U11 and higher need to have a State/National D License (Equivalent to State/National D and preparatory to the USSF National C).

The attendees of a USSF D course fall into two distinct categories: those coaches who are using the course to prepare for the USSF D License and/or those who are using the course to qualify for a particular level of coaching within the league. The latter are not required to upgrade their license to USSF D. The USSF D addresses both categories of coaches. It is, therefore, both preparatory and terminal. However, the emphasis of the USSF D course is toward the coaching of players 14-18 years of age. Built on the principle that small-sides games are the foundation upon which the 11-a-side game is based. The USSF D course also addresses management and preparation of a team. The course emphasizes the coaching of players: observing mistakes and providing the information to make corrections.

NYSCA Certification

The National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) provides training, support, and continuing education to adults who volunteer to coach out-of-school youth sports teams. Around 1.3 million individuals have attended NYSCA clinics becoming NYSCA certified coaches since the program began in 1981.

The NYSCA program works to "sensitize" coaches to their responsibilities when working with children in sports and hold them accountable to a "Coaches’ Code of Ethics". Benefits include $ 1-2M of Excess Liability Insurance for an individual coach.

Volunteer coaches who are interested in becoming initial members start by taking a 3-hour training course called a "clinic." SNSA-specific clinics have been scheduled.

Please check the NYSCA website for more information on this great opportunity.