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SNSA Tournament Guidelines

SNSA Guidelines for Interleague/Club Tournament Play

Southern Nevada Soccer Association (SNSA) recreational leagues are affiliated with US Club Soccer (USC), a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).  When SNSA hosts an in-house recreational tournament, SNSA recreational teams are eligible to participate without any additional administrative requirements.  As a member of the USSF, SNSA teams are also eligible to play in open tournaments hosted by other leagues or clubs associated with USSF affiliates, including the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and US Club Soccer.  If your team is interested in playing in a USYSA, AYSO or US Club sanctioned tournament hosted by another league or club, the host organization will require proof that your players are members of a USSF-affiliated organization, as well as other registration paperwork, in order for your team to participate.  This document provides a general list of items that your team may be required to provide in order to participate in a USYSA, AYSO or US Club open tournament:

1.  Player and Coach Cards.  Teams will be required to present a player identification card at check-in for most open tournaments.  To obtain US Club Soccer player and coach cards, players and coaches are required to upgrade from “Rec” status to “Super-Rec” status.  The upgrade fee is $2 per player and $15 per coach.  The   following upgrade windows have been set for SNSA recreational teams:

•    October 1-7
•    November 8-14
•    February 15-21
•    April 22-28

To obtain player cards, contact the SNSA Registrar at at least two weeks prior to start of the upgrade window.  The SNSA Registrar will set up your Super-Rec roster on the US Club Soccer website and send an e-mail to the head coach with the team’s USC password.  The coach (or team manager) can then upload photos and proof of birth for each player on the Super-Rec roster.  Once all of the photos and POBs have been uploaded and the upgrade payment remitted to SNSA, the SNSA Registrar will request your player and coach cards from US Club Soccer.

2.  Medical Consent Forms.  Most tournaments require that the coach present a signed medical consent form for each player.  For SNSA players, the medical consent is included on the Medical Consent Roster form that is provided to coaches at the beginning of the season.   Coaches may alternatively choose to have each parent complete the US Club Soccer medical consent form as an alternative to using the league-issued Medical Consent Roster form.

3.  Birth Certificates.  Some tournaments require teams to provide a copy of each player’s birth certificate.  It is the coach’s responsibility to gather the birth certificates from the players; SNSA does not keep copies on file.

4.  Guest Players.  Many tournaments allow the use of a limited number of players that are not registered to your team, called “guest players”.  Check with the Tournament Director for the policy on guest players.  You will need the following documents for your guest player:

a.  A completed SNSA “Guest Player Permission Form”, which has to be signed by the parent of the guest player, the coach of the lending team, and the SNSA Registrar.  Please note that the SNSA guest player form is only applicable for players that play in Henderson United or Southern Highlands® United leagues that are guest-playing for another HUYS or SHU team.  This form is not to be used for a player that plays in a league not affiliated with SNSA, or for HUYS/SHU players requesting to guest-play for a team that is not registered with HUYS or SHU.  The guest player form is available in the “Forms” section of the SNSA website.

b.  Your guest player’s medical consent form.  Have the parent of your guest player complete the US Club Soccer individual player medical consent form.

A team that uses a guest player without permission of the guest player’s coach will be subject to league sanctions.

These are general guidelines for registration requirements at tournaments hosted by other clubs or leagues, but requirements vary from tournament to tournament.  Be sure to check the tournament website or contact the tournament director to confirm registration requirements for the particular tournament in which you wish to participate.

We encourage teams to play in tournaments – it can be a very rewarding experience for your players.  For a list of local tournaments, visit the Gotsoccer website at  To place a request for player cards, or to get help with your tournament registration, send an email to the SNSA Registrar at