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SNSA Policies & Rules


SNSA Modified Laws Summary

SNSA follows the FIFA Laws of the Game; however, some rules have been modified to accommodate the youth game and smaller play formats.  Click on the link below for a summary of rules modifications for the various play formats.

SNSA Rule Books

SNSA 3v3 Rule Book

Mini Kickers, U5-U6 Divisions

SNSA 4v4 Rule Book

U7-U8 Divisions

SNSA 6v6 Rule Book

U9-U10 Divisions

SNSA 7v7 Rule Book

High School Division

SNSA 8v8 Rule Book

U11-U12 Divisions


U13-U14 Divisions



Player Safety Guidelines


Independent non-profit committed to ending all forms of abuse in sports.

Soccer Association for Youth Vision for Members

The Southern Nevada Soccer Association recreational league programs are affiliated with the Soccer Association for Youth, USA (SAY).  SAY was formed to provide an organization within which children could learn and play soccer.  The fact that any players of all sizes and ability levels can be successful at the game, and the relatively modest expense required to field a team makes it possible for many children to participate in organized competition.  These factors, plus the enthusiasm of the children once they’ve played the game, have resulted in rapid growth of the SAY program across the United States.  It is the function of SAY Soccer to provide guidance and instruction for new participants, an organizational structure to form leagues and schedule games, and to prescribe rules and regulations which will ensure safe, enjoyable and fair competition. Stacking teams, try-out camps, all-star powerhouses, etc., may produce a climate of excellence for the talented few, but will not, in the long run, be beneficial to the vast majority of young recreational players. The overall objective of SAY is to maximize participation with balanced competition at various age levels.  SAY believes that adherence to these basic principles has been the prime factor in its rapid growth, and that high school, college and professional soccer will be provided with more and better players as a result of our program.  A youth program should be as its name implies – A PROGRAM FOR ALL KIDS!

The Laws of the Game 2022-2023

The rules that govern league play in SNSA youth and adult leagues are based on the International Football Association Board's (IFAB) "Laws of the Game", with significant variations specific to recreational soccer, coed formats, and small-sided play formats.

2022-2023 LAWS OF THE GAME

SAY Risk Management Policies

Soccer Association for Youth (SAY) is Southern Nevada Soccer Association’s national affiliate. SNSA secures liability insurance and secondary medical insurance through SAY. SAY also mediates any disputes that cannot be resolved within the SNSA organization (mediation is required before legal action can be taken). SAY requires all of its affiliates to communicate their Risk Management policies to our members for implementation. The following are the risk management areas of emphasis for our SNSA coaches and parents:

1. SAY Times Two Policy – 301
2. Background Screens – 302
3. General Conduct – 303
4. Participant Safety Training – 304
5. Reporting Policy – 305
6. Prohibited Conduct Policy – 306
7. Concussion Policy – 308

We have included these policies for your review. SNSA does not have the staff to ensure compliance with the SAY Risk Management Policies for all of our teams; we therefore rely on the coaches and parents of every team to act in accordance with the policies and to enforce the terms of the policies.

Thank you for your cooperation in this important matter.

SNSA Player Assignment Policy

SNSA has adopted a player assignment policy to govern the assignment of players to teams in our youth recreational league programs.  While we do our best to accommodate a player's coach or player preference requests, we also have an obligation to consider other criteria, including roster size and competitive balance within and age gender group.  Click on the link below to review the SNSA Player Assignment Policy.

SNSA Roster Guidelines

Do you have questions about your roster?  How to add a player, locate a missing player, or report a player drop?  How to add a coach? How to secure emergency medical consent from your parents?  Click on the link below for answers to these and other questions related to your team roster.


SNSA youth leagues are recreational with an emphasis on skills development and fun! We do not track game results or post standings; the priority is to play the games and avoid forfeits when possible. There may be times when a team does not have enough rostered players for the division’s play format; in such circumstances SNSA allows a team to use guest players, subject to certain restrictions. Click the link below for the SNSA youth league guest player protocol:

SNSA Club Player Dual Registration Policy

In September 2008, SNSA established a policy to prohibit players that are registered with competitive club teams from registering with an SNSA recreational league (with limited exceptions). This policy does not affect the ability of an SNSA recreational player to guest-play for a competitive club team for a tournament or special event.

SNSA League Uniform Policy

In a policy established December 1, 2006, the SNSA Board voted to require all Henderson United, Southern Highlands United, Mini Kickers and High School Spring Training teams to wear the league-issued uniform.  Click on the link below for policy details.