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Parent Information


Supportive parents are a vital component to a successful youth sports organization, and not just because they pay the registration fee and drive the kids to practice.  Parents, in cooperation with coaches, referees and league officials, help to establish a positive atmosphere in which our kids can thrive, not only as athletes, but also as future citizens in our community. Parents serve as role models by exhibiting good sportsmanship, exercising restraint in the face of adversity, and maintaining a positive disposition.  SNSA believes that our Henderson United, Southern Highlands United and Mini Kickers parents are the best of any youth sports league, and we thank you for your continued support!  

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Coaching Your Child's Soccer Team!

"I've never coached before".  "I've never played soccer before."  "I don't have the time"!  These are some of the reasons we hear from parents when asked if they can volunteer to coach their child's team.  SNSA leagues are recreational and developmental, and we have between 250-300 teams every season that need a coach.  Parent volunteers are the life-blood of our organization; it just doesn't work without you!  So to counter the reasons why you can't coach your child's team, we would like to offer our Top-5 list of why you should!

1. BUILD YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR CHILD - Coaching offers an opportunity to build a lasting relationship with your child.  When your child is grown and looks back on her childhood, she won't remember how many games were won or lost, but she will remember how special it was to have mom or dad coach her team.

2. ROLE-MODE SPORTSMANSHIP - Coaching gives you the opportunity to teach impressionable young children how to handle adversity, how to learn from their mistakes, and how to show respect for their teammates and opponents.  These lessons will stay with them throughout their lives.

3. CONTROL YOUR SCHEDULE - The coach of the team gets to choose the days, times and location of the practices.  Do soccer on your schedule, not someone else's!

4. FREE COACH TRAINING - SNSA offers training classes at no charge to teach basic soccer concepts and provide games and drills to teach fundamental soccer skills and tactics.

5. SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT - Over the years, many parents that have volunteered to coach in SNSA have told us that it has been a rewarding experience for them.  Watching the practice time pay off as the kids start to use the skills they learn in the games; observing the full range of emotions from frustration to exuberance; developing a passion for the game; and making friendships that will last long after the days of youth soccer have passed.

We encourage you to click on the link below for a terrific article on the rewards of coaching a youth sports team.  We hope that if asked to coach a team, you will view it as an opportunity to enrich your life and the lives of the kids you coach - and say YES!


Thank you for registering your child with Southern Nevada Soccer Association for the Fall 2018 season.  For some of you this may be the first time that your child is playing in a league; it can be exciting, but also a little intimidating!  For those of you that are new to youth soccer generally or to SNSA specifically, we offer answers to the most frequent inquiries we receive:

HOW WILL I KNOW WHICH TEAM MY CHILD IS ON?  The league will distribute rosters to coaches by mid-August. Once a coach has the roster, he/she will notify each player on the team.  If you have not heard from a coach by August 19, please send an e-mail to or call 702-568-0400.

WHAT EQUIPMENT WILL MY CHILD NEED?  Your registration fee includes a uniform shirt, shorts and socks for the fall season (the Mini Kickers program also includes shin guards and a ball).  Other equipment that each player will need:

  • SHINGUARDS - these are MANDATORY for a child to play in the games.  Players should also wear them to practice because they may be playing/scrimmaging at their practice sessions.
  • SHOES - players may wear sneakers or soccer cleats (NOT baseball or football cleats, which have a toe cleat).  Cleats are recommended but not required.
  • SOCCER BALL - players should have their own ball; Mini Kickers and U5-U8 need a SIZE #3 ball, U9-U12 need a SIZE #4 ball, U13-U14 need a size #5 ball.

Players shall not wear anything that could be dangerous to themselves or another player, including hard casts, watches, jewelry (including post earrings), hair clips, and eyeglasses with metal frames. 

WHEN AND WHERE ARE PRACTICES?  A parent volunteer will coach your child’s team (if you volunteer to coach, you get to set the practice times and locations!).  The coach will contact you regarding practice times and locations.  Soccer is a team sport, and it is important for players to attend practices regularly.

ARE THERE ADDITIONAL TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FOR MY CHILD?  SNSA offers our Player Technical Training program (PTT), free to all registered players in the U5-U12 age divisions.  We also offer Goalkeeper training for players in the U9-U14 age divisions.  PTT and Goalkeeper training consist of four weekly training sessions under the direction of the training staff of the Heat FC, SNSA’s competitive soccer program.  Check out our PTT page for more information about the PTT program.  SNSA partners offer off-season camps (during winter break, spring break and summer break)  at an additional cost for players that may be interested in additional soccer training.

WHERE WILL THE GAMES BE PLAYED?  SNSA purchases permits from the City of Henderson and Clark County for fields in the Henderson and South Valley area.  The number of teams in your child’s age group will determine where games are played.  Some fields we may be using are Acacia Park, Anthem Hills Park, Cactus Wren Park, Heritage Park, Russell Road Recreation Complex and Aventura Park.  Field locations will be posted on the FIELDS section of the website when they become available.

WHEN WILL THE GAMES BE PLAYED?  Games are scheduled to start on or after September 8, 2018.  Most games will be played on Saturdays, though some older age groups may have a weeknight game.  If games are canceled due to weather they may possibly be rescheduled for a Sunday.  Schedules will be distributed to coaches and will be posted on the website the last weekend in February.  Season play will end on or before November 10, 2018.  SNSA will host our Henderson Cup 2018 tournament (optional event for U7-HS teams) the weekend of November 16-18, 2018.

WHAT ABOUT PLAYING TIME?  By rule, players should play a minimum of half the game minutes in regular season games.  Coaches may reduce a player's playing time (with prior approval of the league) as a disciplinary measure if necessary, including a reduction in the playing time of a player that habitually misses practice.  The minimum playing time rule does not apply during tournament play.

HOW CAN I HELP SNSA?   This league is run primarily by VOLUNTEERS – all Board Members, coaches and other volunteers are giving their time so your child can participate in a great sport and have fun.  SNSA needs coaches!  No experience is necessary; we provide coach training free of charge.   SNSA also needs team managers and referees, as well as volunteers to serve on our league committees.  Call us at 702-568-0400 or send an email to if you can help – we need you!  Please be kind to your volunteers.