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Referee & Field Staff Information

Referee Employment Opportunities

SNSA level 1 & level 2 REFS

The application window for SNSA Level 1 referees for the Fall 2024 season opens on May 1 and runs through August 5, 2024.  SNSA Level 1 Referee applicants for the fall season will need to be 14 years old by September 7, 2024. SNSA will host SAY referee classroom and field training classes in August for beginning referees; check the upcoming events calendar on this page for the class schedule.  For those referees interested in US Soccer referee certification, click USSF Learning Center for more information.

We accept applications for SNSA Level 2 referees from experienced USSF applicants at any time.  If you are interested in becoming an SNSA referee, please complete the SNSA Referee Application and follow the instructions for submission; licensed referees should include a copy of their current USSF license with their application.  

All SNSA referees need to review the SNSA Referee Guidelines before the start of each new soccer year. Contact us at if you have any questions, and we hope you will consider joining our team!


Complete and submit this online form to apply for a position as an SNSA referee.


Southern Nevada Soccer Association is accepting applications for SNSA Field Administrator positions for the 2023-2024 soccer year.  Field Administrators perform administrative tasks at the fields on Saturday game days; duties include team staff and player check-in; league rules, policies and procedures communications; disciplinary reporting; and referee administration.  Applicants must be at least 17 years of age.  Please review the full Field Administrator Job Description and if you are interested, complete and submit the online Field Administrator Application by August 18, 2023.

SNSA Field Administrator Application

Complete and submit this online form to apply for a position as an SNSA Field Administrator.

SNSA Referee Staff

Crista Paton

Crista Paton

Operations Administrator

Rex Heppe

Rex Heppe

Referee Mentor

Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris

Referee Mentor

SNSA Level 1 Referee Program

Southern Nevada Soccer Association's under the direction of our national affiliate, Soccer Association for Youth (SAY), has established a Level 1 referee training program for beginning recreational youth league referees who have applied and been accepted as SNSA Referee Candidates.  The program is designed to provide the Referee Candidate with a fundamental understanding of the Laws of The Game, the modifications to the laws for recreational youth league play formats, and the techniques referees use to communicate effectively with players and coaches. The program consists of four components:

  • SAY Online Referee Training Course: referee candidates view five presentations customized for SNSA's Modified Laws (4v4 & 6v6 formats) and take Knowledge Tests after each presentation.
  • SNSA Level 1 Training - Classroom:  SNSA Referee Mentors conduct a 2.5-hour classroom session to review the Modified Laws, provide practical guidance, and answer your questions.
  • SNSA Level 1 Training - Field: SNSA Referee Mentors conduct a 2.5-hour field training session in which referees officiate and play in 4v4 practice games.
  • SNSA Level 1 Referee Test

Once a referee candidate successfully completes the Level 1 training, he or she will receive the SAY Referee badge and will be eligible to officiate 4v4 and 6v6 format youth recreational league games.

Click the link below to go to the SNSA Referee Training page.

SNSA Level 2 Referee Registration

SNSA Level 2 referees (certified to officiate 8v8 and 11v11 games) are required to register with the US Soccer Federation (USSF).  Those referees who are are applying for a USSF license for the first time need to complete both online and in-person Grassroots referee training courses. Those referees with a USSF license need to recertify annually in order to obtain their referee badge for the current year..  Click on the link below to access the USSF Learning Center to start your registration process. 


The US Soccer Learning Center offers online training courses for first-time and recertifying referees.



Play On Match 7-Piece Kit #2030 recommended.

Click for SNSA referee application!


Game Management

Protect the players, keep the game moving!

Click for game management guidance!


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Courtesy of US Soccer Federation

SNSA's Dual-Referee System Explained

Southern Nevada Soccer Association uses a dual-referee (2-referee) system for our 8v8 format games. The dual-referee system can be difficult to execute effectively, as both referees have responsibilities to call offsides and outs, and to call fouls and violations. There is a misconception that in the dual-referee system one referee makes calls on one side of the field, and the other referee makes calls on the other side of the field.  In the dual-system, the referees work together as a team. The lead referee (referee ahead of the ball) aligns with the second last defender, parallel with the touch line, in order to observe offsides. The trail referee (referee behind the ball) moves with play behind the attack, and pinches toward the center of the field to be in position to call fouls or violations around the ball. Not only can the trail referee make calls on the attacking side of the field, he should be making those calls!  Referees in the dual system need to coordinate their movements to ensure proper coverage of the field, mirror each other's signals to ensure consistency, and work together as a team to ensure a safe playing environment for all of our players.  Click on the link below for a set of criteria for the dual-referee system.