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    Fall 2019 division status tables are presented below for our Mini Kickers, Henderson United and Southern Highlands United youth league programs.  We are continuing to accept registration for those divisions designated as "open".  Divisions that are at the maximum player limit are designated as "wait list".  Divisions with a status listed as "Limited" are on wait list status, but have openings in limited geographic areas; click the link below for a regional map of SNSA service areas.  Even if your division is on  "Wait List" status, we encourage you to register, as there is no charge until your child is assigned to a team.  Contact us at for further information.
    Tables Updated 8/6/19


    DIVISION STATUS Coaches Needed Openings
    MK BOYS Limited 0 1 North, 1 South, 1 West
    MK GIRLS Wait List 0 0


    DIVISION STATUS Coaches Needed Openings
    U05 BOYS Limited 0 2 Central, 1 North
    U05 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U06 BOYS Limited 0 1 Central, 1 North
    U06 GIRLS Limited 0 2 Central, 3 South, 2 West
    U07 BOYS Limited 0 1 East, 4 Central, 1 West
    U07 GIRLS Limited 0 4 Central, 4 South, 3 West
    U08 BOYS Limited 0 2 South
    U08 GIRLS Limited 0 1 North
    U09 BOYS Limited 0 2 East, 1 Central
    U09 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U10 BOYS Limited 0 1 North
    U10 GIRLS Limited 0 1 West
    U11 BOYS Limited 0 2 Central, 2 North
    U11 GIRLS Limited 0 1 East, 1 Central
    U12 BOYS Limited 0 2 North, 2 East
    U12 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U13 BOYS Limited 0 1 Central
    U13 GIRLS Limited 0 1 East
    U14 BOYS Limited 0 1 East
    U14 GIRLS Limited 0 2 South/West


    DIVISION STATUS Coaches Needed Openings
    U05 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U05 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U06 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U06 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U07 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U07 GIRLS Open (late fee) 0 2
    U08 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U08 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U09 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U09 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U10 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U11 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U10 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U11 GIRLS Wait List 0 0
    U12 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U12 GIRLS Open 0 2
    U13 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U13 GIRLS Wait List 0 1
    U14 BOYS Wait List 0 0
    U14 GIRLS Wait List 0 0

    SNSA is Your Home for Soccer in Southern Nevada

    Southern Nevada Soccer Association (SNSA) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 to provide a full range of soccer services to the Henderson and Las Vegas community for players of all ages and ability levels. We offer youth developmental programs through our Henderson United and Southern Highlands® United recreational leagues, youth competitive programs through our Heat FC competitive club, and an adult soccer program through our SNSA Adult League.  SNSA is committed to player, coach and referee development, with league-funded training programs and camps conducted by professional and licensed training staff. SNSA's mission is to promote self-esteem, sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork, fitness, skill and achievement through playing the game of soccer.  With over 7,000 annual participants in our programs, SNSA is the largest soccer organization in Southern Nevada.


    Heat FC is the competitive soccer club of Southern Nevada Soccer Association (SNSA), a non-profit organization dedicated to excellence in the development of competitive youth soccer players.  Under the direction of Competitive Program Director Eric McDonald, Heat FC offers a variety of services and programs that fully reflect the commitment and vision of its parent organization.

    The vision of Heat FC is to offer players and their families a superior competitive soccer experience. Based on excellence in developing players to their highest potential for competitive play in a team environment as well as for personal achievement both on and off the field, Heat FC strives to become the club of choice for players, their families and top-level coaches dedicated to youth soccer.  We believe that player development is the foundation of competitive success – it is what we do and what we achieve.

    The mission of Heat FC is to provide programs and services that will support the development of individual players in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game throughout their youth soccer career. Our commitment to the development of a soccer player is not only the key to competitive success, but also a meaningful part of lifetime education. We facilitate our commitment by providing:

    • Licensed, experienced and dedicated staff training players and teams in a supportive and positive learning environment.
    • Professional technical and goalkeeping trainers.
    • Speed and agility, core strength, flexibility and balance workout sessions provided by credentialed instructors.
    • Participation in competition at a variety of levels including local leagues, regional leagues and tournaments both in and out of state, including college showcase tournaments.
    • College recruitment preparation for the high-school-age player.
    • Training camps.
    • Programs preparing younger players U8-U10 who are transitioning from recreational to competitive play.
    • We are one of very few clubs that has dedicated access and permits to training facilities.

    If you are ready for next-level soccer, check out Heat FC!



    Southern Nevada Soccer Association enthusiastically supports the UNLV men's and women's soccer programs, and the recently-established College of Southern Nevada men's and women's soccer programs  We believe that collegiate soccer benefits the community, and provides opportunities for student-athletes in Southern Nevada to continue to pursue their academic and athletic goals without having to leave their home town. Over the years, SNSA has worked with UNLV to provide player training and coach education through camps and clinics, and participated in SNSA group events at UNLV men's and women's games; we look forward to continuing this relationship in the years ahead, and establishing a similar relationship with the CSN program.  Click on the links below for schedules for the UNLV and CSN Men's and Women's Soccer programs, and show your support for local athletes by attending their games!

    USWNT 2019 WWC Champions!